An Adult's Playful and Mysterious Fantasy

There is a village that is full of things that people have lost. Toys and other sentimental objects which have been left unloved by their previous owners, left side by side to live together in harmony. You may dismiss this story as a mere fairy tale, dreamt by someone with an overactive imagination, 

but such imagination is what bounds creation. With a little imagination, anything can be possible. 

We offer a pop-art experience with a psychedelic feel, by reconstructing old memories of toys. Modified, to connect past, present and futuristic aesthetics. Memory is created in the foundations of our senses. Sight, touch, and sound replay in our minds. These various forms of memory are separated into fragments, and we connect these senses to one another by replaying childhood memories, even into our adult years, long after our favorite playthings have been physically disregarded. In our heads…by creating captivating ornaments and adult toys we can look upon them with amazement and wonder, taking us back to nostalgic and simpler times.