Order and Payment

SPEXTRUM Store utilizes global PG companies such as PayPal and EximBay.

For bulk orders and further inquiries, please leave a message in the Q&A board below and we will help you quickly.

Shipping & Custom fees


- Please enter the shipping info (address, name, etc.) in English.

- The purchaser is responsible for any shipping issues caused by the purchaser's negligence such as entering incorrect shipping info.

- The shipping fee differs by region. You can check the shipping fee by region at checkout.

- Shipping fees and available countries for overseas shipping are subject to change without prior notice depending on the shipment company's circumstance.

- Additional fees are incurred when you request to change the shipping address after the shipping begins. (FedEx Policy)

- Some counties may require that individuals provide an import license before they can acquire the products they have purchased overseas. SPEXTRUM Store informs you in advance that order cancellation and refunds are not allowed and disclaims responsibility for delays in customs clearance and delivery caused by missing information required by the country.

- We're not responsible for any shipping issues caused by the shipping company's negligence. If you need assistance from the seller, please submit a Q&A.

(Please contact FedEx Customer Service if you are still waiting to receive a call regarding shipping from the shipping company.)

Custom fees

In some countries, there are cases where import taxes are almost equivalent to the product's price that must be paid by the customer separately.
Please read below before making a purchase.

- Import taxes may be incurred while processing customs clearance for import. The purchaser is responsible for paying customs duties.
- Import taxes incurred during the customs clearance for the import process cannot be checked and paid in the SPEXTRUM Store. Please contact the customs of the destination country before placing an order.
- Customs will get in touch with the purchaser to clear the items through customs. The item may be returned if contact cannot be made. In this case, the purchaser is responsible for return fees.
- Customs will contact the purchaser to clear the items through customs. The shipping company may return or discard the item if contact cannot be made. In this case, the purchaser is responsible for returns and discards.
- SPEXTRUM Store cannot refund any items that have been returned or discarded due to refusing to pay import taxes.

Refund & Returns & Exchanges

Return & Refund

- Make sure you check the content before you open the packaging (vinyl and bubble wraps that protect the items inside).
- Exchange/refund is not available if the package has been opened.
- Please be advised that exchange/refund is not available if you change your mind about the purchase after opening the box.
- You can request for an exchange if the product is defective. If the product is out of stock, you will receive a refund instead.
- Please note that the images shown may differ from the final product. 

Exchange/refund in not available for the following cases

- You're requesting an exchange/refund due to minor dots, poor stamp quality, scratches, and loose joints that come from the production process.
- You're requesting an exchange/refund due to any deformation or damage caused to the package during the distribution process (the package is only the packaging portion that wraps the content inside).
- 14 days have passed after receiving the product.
- You opened the packaging.
- You're requesting an exchange/refund for color differences between the actual product and the image. The colors may vary depending on the monitor's resolution settings.


- We are responsible for shipping fees for returns due to defective products and shipping issues.

- The customer is responsible for shipping fees for returns due to change of mind or personal reasons.

- You can request an exchange or refund within 14 days of receiving the product.

- If you find that the product looks different from the image, ad, etc., you can request an exchange or refund within 3 months of receiving the product or 30 days of being aware of the differences. Exchange/refund will not be available after those periods.

- Please contact Q&A with info such as order number, details, and pictures to request an exchange or refund.

- Your request may be declined for orders that can't be exchanged/refunded.

- Refunds will be deposited to your nominated account within 3-7 business days. It may take up to 30 business days for international orders.

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